1. iPhone 5 Replace Vibrator
  2. This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 18 November, 2012.

    iPhone 5 Replace Vibrator

    Price:  50.00EUR

    Is the vibration on your iPhone 5 broken? Is the vibrator stuck in the on or off position? We can repair or replace your broken iPhone 5 vibrator. This iPhone repair service can be done the same day. Symptoms of a broken iPhone 5 vibrator: the iPhone 5 vibrator is not working at all the vibrator is stuck either on or off the iPhone vibration is much less than it was when it was new You need to replace your iPhone 5 vibrator if: Your iPhone 5 vibrator shows any of the symptoms above. Warranty for your iPhone 5 vibrator replacement: We only use original iPhone 5 vibrators in our repairs. That is why we guarantee our iPhone vibrator replacements for 5 years against malfunctions. Any damage to the iPhone vibrator due to a fall is not covered under our warranty.