1. This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 17 November, 2012.

    iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

    Price:  75.00EUR

    Info about the repair: When your phone doesn’t work anymore, or just partly because water has entered the interior, causing rust or oxidation or internal shorts; then we can clean the inside completely and remove the corrosion. For doing this one pays the above amount.Though water damage can be repaired in about 70% of the cases, we never can give any guarantee that the phone will keep on working. This kind of repair is been done without the usual warranty. The anti- corrosion treatment costs 25 euro, whether the phone works or not after cleaning. So this amount is just for the cleaning process, not a full repair. If we discover other faults after cleaning, this will be looked in to, diagnosed, and an estimate will be sent to you. Depending on the degree of water damage it is indeed possible that your phone is beyond repair.

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