How do I register online?

This can easily be done by means of "My account". This can be found at the right topcorner at this site. From there on just follow the onscreen instructions.

Why do I need to register?

By registering we can handle all repairs faster. Another advantage is that you can track- and trace your repair.

Can I change my registration data?

Yes, once logged in you can by means of the "look" or "change" – link alter the Account info.

Can I get the invoice on another address?

This is also possible. When registering your repair, you can fill in the necessary invoice data at the "payment info"

What kind of package should I use to ship the repair?

It is important not to use a box that’s too big, nor too small. Most important is to use decent shock absorbing material, and to make sure there can be no direct contact between part and box. Also be sure to use a sturdy box, with no brand name on the outside (to avoid theft).

’ve registered the wrong kind of repair, what now?

That’s no problem at all. You just will have to register this again as a new repair. The old, and wrong one will automatically be deleted after three weeks.

How can I keep track of my repair? Like: did it arrive, is it ready? Is there an estimate..

We keep you informed at all times by e-mail.

Can I bring in my repair myself, or pick it up after repair?

This can only be done after conformation and appointment only.

My apparatus has more than one defect, which one do I need to fill in?

In the left top corner of this site you’ll find the tab "FORM". Click on it, and than you can fill in a form where you can describe in detail what exactly needs to be repaired.

How do I fill in the form?

Click the tab "Form". Press "buy now", then "check out". After doing that you’’l get a new screen where you can fill in the needed data. Fill every box in, press "confirm", and if needed fill in the invoice address and press "confirm" once again. Now you can print this form to enclose with the repair.

When do I need to pay for the repair?

From the moment the repair is finished and checked you’ll receive an email with our bank account. Once payment is done, and we have proof of it, the repaired item will be sent to you. If you come to collect your repair here, you can pay in cash and the item will be returned to you.

How do I make an appointment?

On the right hand side you can find an icon "agenda". There you can chose a date and time. After filling in your personal data, press "book". A confirmation mail will be sent.

Can I bring in or send my phone without webform?

Unfortunately that is not possible.

Can I send my broken phone in the original package?

We strongly recommend not to do so. Use a neutral, or blank box, this to avoid theft.

Can I get the broken replaced parts with the repair?

If asked in advance we can enclose the broken spare parts.

Can I cancel the repair?

This is possible. You will only have to pay for handling costs if we need to send it back to you. If it doesn’t need to be returned, we’ll dispose of it in an environmental friendly way.
Will I lose all personal data stored in the phone’s memory?

If there has been a repair on the main board, all data will indeed be lost. So it’s better (if possible), to make a back-up before sending it to us.

I’ve got info and data on the phone that I insist in keeping private, what do I do?

All personal info remains private. We do not snoop around your phone’s memory. All what we do is check whether or not the phone works like it should. If you wish, you can make an appointment, so that we repair the phone while you wait.

Do you use original and new parts?

Yes, we only use the original, and brand new spare parts, as alternative ones do give problems due to small tolerances.

I’ve disassembled my phone myself, Can I send it to you like this?

No problem, just make sure all parts are neatly packed.

Do you also repair phones with water damage?

Yes, this is done at the cost of 75 euro. If there is more damage, we do NOT repair it any further. This is because we can by no means guarantee that due to corrosion this phone will keep on working after several weeks or months! Another problem might still occur later on.

I have several phones to be repaired. How many forms do I need to fill in?

Every repair needs it’s own form.