Conditions of Use

Article 1.
General conditions

1. These service conditions apply to all deals with AZ-repair concerning the repairing of mobile phones, PDA, and others.On these conditions apply also the general sale and delivery conditions.
2. No other conditions are valid, ie made by the customer.
3. These conditions all resort under the Belgian law. They also might be changed by AZ reapair. We therefore strongly advise to check upon them regulary.

Article 2.
Reporting a malfunction.

1. Azrepair uses a standardised repair input method. You can find the procedure on the site To be able to comply with our promise for a speedy repair you need to register all repairs on this site suing the proper application procedure. If the customer uses a different way to file the repair, or fault, or didnt fill in the form right or completely, then AZ repair has the right to refuse this repair. If Azrepair does accept the repair anyway, but due to the incomplete information there is a delay or wrong repair, then we do not accept any responsibility for this.We also may charge extra for handling and administration/ diagnosing.
2. Entering a new repair order must receive Azrepair before 12:30, so that we can enter this repair in our schedule.If needed we can have the repair picked up by a transportation forwarder of our choice the next working day. The costs for transportation are to be payed by the client.
3. If goods are being sent to Azrepair that are not meant for us, they will be returned at the senders expenses.

Article 3.
Transportation from client to Azrepair.

1. Clients who send a repair to az repair are urged to do this by registered mail only, we can by no means held responsible for damage or lost packages.
2. The client is to accept the transportation forwarder of our selection if he asks us to handle the transport/ pick up
3. The client is responsible for the adequate packing of the defective product for transportation to AZ repair. All repairs mustbe packed in a strong cardboard box, with sufficient shock absorbing material. The box must be completely sealed, and with no markings on the outside (like brand of phone etc..). This to eliminate theft from the items inside the box. Be careful if
the original package is being used: always put that casing into a blank packing. Do not enclose accessories such as carrying bags,chargers, and so on. This is only needed when the fault has something to do with these. Needless enclosing of any accessories is being done at the clients risk and responsibility. Please DO NOT leave the sim cards or memory cards inside the phone, or send them to us. AZ repair can not be held responsible for the loss or damage of these items.

From Azrepair to client

1. Azrepair mostly uses the services of taxipost to sent packages to the end consumer.
2. If the outside of a package or box is damaged by reception or the seal is broken, then the shipment must be refused, otherwise all claims on possible transportation damage is void.if the client asks for a hard copy of any data concerning the shipment, like delivery note,signatures, proof of shipment then Azrepair can only comply with this demand if the request is been done no later
than 10 days after shipment day. Azrepair is not to be held responsible for all claims made after 10 days of shipment. For info/ hard copy of all documents concerning shipments to the client we will charge 10 euro for handling costs.

Article 4.
The reapir

1. We will strive for a 10 day turn around time between collection and delivery. This providing there are no extra problems with the repair, or lateness in ordering spare parts at the manufacturer.
2. Multiple repair warranty applies only if the same fault occurs within three months after repair. All claims for a free second repair must be made in that time.
3. An estimate is only been made up id the clients explicit asks for it. The costs for an estimate is 10 euro. The client must respond to an estimate within 10 days. If there is no response Azrepair will consider that the client does not agree with the estimate for repair, and will send the unrepaired tem to the client at his expense, including costs for handling and packaging.We cannot accept any complaints afterwards.
4. Repairing a D.O.A. product. Azrepair will handle this according to the terms made up by the manufacturer.
5. Any phone brought to Azrepair that is simlocked will never be unlocked without agreement from the telecom provider. The client himself will need to get this approval. The simlocked phones can be repaired though. For the procedure concerning simlocked phones we refer to the general conditions of the telecom provider. Simlocked products that have been illegally unlocked or unrepairable will be returned unrepaired to the client. We will therefore charge handling and packaging costs.
6. All products sent/ given to us for repair without the appropriate Imei-label will not be taking in for repair. If the Imei or serial number has been removed all claims for warranty are void. A product that has a different Imei or serial number than the one programmed in the memory, will also be refused for repair. These will also be returned not repaired, to the client at his expense for handling/ shipment.
7. All Imei and serial numbers of lost an stolen phones are registered in an international database. If such a phone is being presented, we have the right to refuse that repair, and will charge the client for the handling costs.
8. Az reapir has the right to alter its prices at any time we are at no time responsible for lost information or personal data that was stored inside the phones memory.

Article 5.

Payment conditions

1. Handling costs for transportation to or from Azrepair are always to be payed by the client.